As you may be aware, we are hosting Amanda Lynn Mayhew at the club for a women’s day shoot on Sunday Sept 16th.  This event is meant to introduce women to the sport of shooting by allowing them to try various disciplines at their local club.  The event is put on by Amanda Lynn Mayhew, with the help of club volunteers to assist with instruction on the safe use of firearms.  Amanda Lynn supplies some of the firearms and ammunition, but needs volunteers as she cannot do this alone. 

In order for it to be a success we need some volunteers to assist with each of the disciplines, and to work one on one with the women to help them learn how to shoot.  We are looking for the following numbers of volunteers at each discipline:

Archery : 2 volunteers

Trap : 3 volunteers (1 person already signed up)

Rifle : 3 volunteers

Pistol : 6 volunteers (already have 1 signed up)

Sporting clay : 3 volunteers (have 2 signed up)


We are also looking for volunteers for pistol and rifle if they have .22 pistols or .22 rifles they can bring for the women to use that would be great.


Please email Gabe Arsenault at if you are interested in volunteering.