Free pistol skills clinic

Have you completed the club level ATT course offered at Blue Ridge? Do you want to improve your skills to shoot competitively? A description of the clinic follows. 

Pistol Clinic 1 Description


The Pistol Clinic 1 or PC1 is designed to introduce beginning pistol shooters to the Principles of Marksmanship.  These pistol clinics are designed to bring the aspiring recreational firearms owner into the world of competitive shooting sports. 


This clinic is developed for the recreational shooter who has completed the Club Safety ATT course and has obtained their RPAL. Candidates are expected to provide their own restricted centerfire/rimfire firearm. Candidates will provide their own reliable, safe, and proven ammunition. 


This PC1 Clinic covers this set of skills and drills:

* Complete range safety briefing

* Competent demonstration and ACTS and PROVE Principles

*. Dominant eye identification

* Support hand and Strong hand identification

* Principles of Marksmanship (Acronym: PAST) 

* Shooting position development

* Recognition of Wobble Factor Patterns

* Dealing and adapting to Wobble Factor

* Sight Picture Awareness

* Trigger Tapping Drill

* Safety ON drills

* Dry Firing Drills

* Live Firing (Deliberate Fire: Grouping)

* Error Detection and Correction

* Immediate Actions on Stoppages

* Range Commands and Appropriate reaction


  • Instructor observation
  • Ability to group shots on target (Measured Standard) 
  • Casual Competition – Reference: Match 40 Dominion of Canada Rifle Association (DCRA) National Service Conditions Championship (NSCC) Match # 40 – Last One Standing

This clinic is offered by Blue Ridge member and safety course instructor  Barney Gotuaco. Barney is a former teacher  and spent time in Canada’s armed forces and is involved in long range shooting activities.

The clinic will be in range 3 the rifle pistol range on Friday September 11, 2020 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. 
If you are interested in this clinic, please email to apply. Course is limited to 5 members, so contact right away if you want to get in the course! 

Thanks to Barney for putting this course on!