A while ago a concern was brought up at a monthly membership  meeting that some members did not feel comfortable going behind the 50 yd berm to pattern shotguns, placing them out of sight from the fixed firing line.  To alleviate this concern the club has come up two solutions.

A steel patterning board has been placed on the trap range that can be used to pattern shotguns using 7.5 or 8 shot.  The Trap range itself has a restriction in shot size from the range approval, so please restrict use to 7.5 or 8 shot.  The board must be greased before using; the grease roller is beside the board.  All Trap range signs must be used when patterning, and the patterning board cannot be used if the Trap range is in use.  If you need to pattern shot other than 7.5 or 8, please use Range 3.  Special thanks to Tom Plummer for providing and delivering the patterning board!

On range three, target stands have been provided for the purposes of patterning.  Please place the stands against the 50 yard berm (left hand corner).  Return the stands when finished.  Range stakes were placed at 20, 30 and 40 yards from the berm wall to assist shooters with ranges from the 50 yd berm. 

You can now go forward of the line, placing the activity downrange sign at the range gate, and pattern in front of the 50 yard berm in plain sight of any incoming shooters.

New range signs have been ordered with these new rules, and will be posted shortly.