Attention: Mike Harris Jr.

Parliamentary  Assistant, Minister of MNRF

Covid-19 has really screwed things up ; this new allotment system along with taking calves off our moose license should be put on hold due to Covid-19 implications and further study/consultation.

 For example; one of our group was lucky enough to win one of the merely (10 cow tags, over 561 applicants, available moose population 862)  ‘draw Quota’ in our WMU-49 and couldn’t come hunting with us. Due to the side effects of some of the meds he’s on; they lower his immune system. Now he’s back to the end of the biggest losers line  as points back to 0, and perhaps will never see another tag in his lifetime. Lots of groups didn’t even bother going hunting due to Covid-19. We had to cut our numbers from 11 down to 8. Didn’t even get going deer hunting in WMU 49 due to seasons overlapping. Another screw-up thanks to the Big Game Hunter Management Committee. 

This Hunter Management review process was rushed through despite the fact that literally; Tens of Thousands of hunters never even knew about it!! For example: I went to a meeting of OHCA (Ontario Hunt Camps Association) to explain that hunters only had 2 weeks to respond on EBR by Sept 28th deadline. between 60 & 75 hunt camp representatives in attendance and only a couple had even heard of it and were mind-boggled and confused:  President Andy Miller took my copy of The Hunter Management Committee Recommendations nearly ( 50 pages) and had the Orillia Legion make 6-8 copies for other groups to share.  

I believe once these 2021 controversial measures get in place they will never in my lifetime get replaced. Lots of confusion and many people are left with tags not filled in many similar situations.

Many Relevant political/Moose management important reasons to slow things down for sure! 

Therefore, I implore you to review/discuss all this with the Minister toward; ultimately putting 2021 measures on hold due to Covid-19 implications and needed further study/consultation, his serious consideration.


Eldon Hawton 

cc Victor Fedeli MPP

Bill King MPP Candidate