Blue Ridge is currently accepting new members and invites all who are interested to contact us and see what we are all about.

Call Paul Venning at (519) 599-7757

Our membership process involves active participation in the club and its disciplines to ensure our members are familiar with the club and its safety rules, and that new members get a chance to meet existing members and become part of the club quicker.

Our membership process involves the following steps:

STEP 1: Apply as an Associate Member

An Associate Member has access to the club when full members are present to achieve sign offs and attend events, but has no voting rights in club meetings and is not given the main gate code. There are sign offs at club events that must be obtained within your first year in order to obtain full membership. Once these sign offs are submitted and approved, you will be given the gate access code and promoted to full membership status.

To apply as an Associate Member you must:

  • Come out to at least one of our monthly meetings held every second Thursday of the month at clubhouse, meetings start at 8pm sharp. The only exception is the month of February, which is our AGM and restricted to members and invited guest only.
  • New members must attend our Club Level Safety Course. Sign up sheets are located at the clubhouse.
  • New members must attend two shooting events and get sign off. The application form is used for these sign offs.
  • Two full members in good standing must sponsor new members. This is easier than it sounds, as you will be attending two shooting events. Members you meet can be your sponsors. The application form is where the sponsors must sign.
  • Obtain a police background check from your residence jurisdiction for each member, or family member over the age of 18
  • Submit your completed associate membership application form with sign offs, and pay the appropriate fee

STEP 2: Become a Full Member

  • After being accepted as an Associate member, you must obtain sign offs from any three additional shooting events held at Blue Ridge within your first year as an Associate Member.
  • You must also be free of any safety infractions.
  • Once your sign offs are obtained, you may submit your Full Membership application for review.
  • The executive will review this monthly and all members approved will be given the gate access code, and promoted to Full Member with full voting rights.


If you have any questions about membership, or the application process please contact our membership Director, Paul Venning, at 519-599-7757.

*Please confirm rates with membership director at time of application.


Call Paul Venning at (519) 599-7757