On May 1st, Justin Trudeau prohibited over 1,500 common rifle models that had previously been non-restricted and restricted firearms. Framed by the tragedy in Nova Scotia, committed by a known, violent offender with no PAL and using illegally obtained guns, Trudeau made excuses to steal your property by prohibiting such firearms as the Ruger Ranch Rifle and the .460 Weatherby Magnum big game rifle. 

An Order in Council does not require a vote in the House of Commons. It does not require passage through the Senate. It is a decree. There is quite literally nothing that can be done to stop an Order in Council.

But here’s what you can do, and you can do it right now: Purchase a membership in the Conservative Party of Canada. With only about 50,000 current members, this provides some perspective on how influential Canadian gun owners could be. IF WE GET INVOLVED. 

1-year memberships including the RIGHT TO VOTE FOR THE NEXT CPC LEADER and future Prime Minister is a mere $15 for a single year’s membership.

That is all for a say in your future. No additional money is required. For $15 each, you, your spouse, your children over 14, and your friends can have a say. This is the first step in getting your property back from an abusive government

Additional support can be earned in the future, right now spend $15 and have your say.

There are only 8 days until the May 14 DEADLINE to vote. 

(The actual vote is in August, we will be interviewing the candidates and reporting back to you. BUT YOU NEED TO JOIN NOW!)

Do you want to endure Justin Trudeau’s future goals of centralized storage, municipal handgun bans, and more and MORE restrictions on your firearms and gun licenses?

Spend $15 to start getting rid of him today. That starts with you. Now.


Please follow the Facebook page – “2020 CPC Leadership Race – Firearms Owners Block” for information on all the candidates and latest developments as we lead up to the convention and subsequent election.