On Tuesday June 24th, the Chief Firearms Office conducted the biennial inspection of the  Blue Ridge Sportsmen’s Club. The last inspection was July
Thank you to action shooting co-chair and current President Bill Den Boer, sporting clay chair Brian Robinson and past President and former trap chair
John Hoyland for attending the inspection with me.
The inspection consisted of a review of club documents and a walking tour of all ranges. We discussed improvements that we would like to make and
received their suggestions. We were asked to fill in behind 25 yard and 100 yard target frames as soon as possible. President Bill is sourcing wood
chips to be used for that purpose. At the end of the inspection, we were given a form showing no facility deficiencies (administrative), no range
deficiencies (safety hazards) and there was no continued compliance agreement.
A report has been written with recommendations for discussion and potential approval of the executive some of these include moving the existing shotgun
patterning board in front of trap house three and consideration of fabrication of a steel grease patterning board and determining if a 5 stand
sporting clay (Range 4) be considered. Once the executive comes to decision on any of the items, the executives decisions should be presented to the
membership at a future general meeting.
Thank you to the members who regularly maintain the buildings and ranges, to the members who come out to help with the work days and the members that
provided me with the updated documents for the inspection. Our next inspection will be in 2021 unless we make any range changes that will
require an inspection.
Jay Kivell, range operator