Your Safety chairs are responsible for providing first aid kits and training, as well as other tasks to improve safety at the club.  They have made big improvements this year by adding many new kits throughout the club. 

Previously Brock and Marianne have provided training on Stop the bleed trauma treatment, and use of the Foxtrot litter found on range 3, and station 5 of Sporting Clays.    They will continue to offer these courses for members, so stay tuned for coming announcements regarding this.

In the meantime they have provided a link to a Youtube video on how to operate the Foxtrot litter.

Additionally there is a flow chart located throughout the club on how to triage wounds and hopefully make emergency treatment easy for all.  The link to the poster can also be found here;

This complements the trauma kits found throughout the club.  If you get a chance to take a stop the bleed course, we highly recommend it!  Thanks for the update Brock and Marianne!