In 2019, we modified the membership process with the purpose of improving our interactions with new members and instilling the clubs safety rules. As part of that change, Associate members do not have access to the club including Range 3 (rifle/pistol range) without a full member present. The executive has received feedback about this process and have decided to make some amendments.
As a first step, we are implementing a temporary process that will allow existing Associate members to obtain access to the club including Range 3 if they can pass a safety knowledge check. This will focus on the practical aspects of range safety at Blue Ridge, with information already covered in the Club Level Safety Course and Member handbook. Moving forward, our Club Level Safety Course will be revised to have a similar strong focus on practical safety knowledge. As a side benefit, this should shorten the time to complete the Club Level Safety Course.
A detailed list of what is to be demonstrated will be provided in advance. This practical assessment will NOT include any live fire and should take less than 30 minutes to complete. Your own firearm is to be used for this assessment.
· This process will not impact the Associate member’s 1-year probationary period.
Jay has a list of those members impacted and will be reaching out to them directly to see if they wish to take advantage of this opportunity.
The BRSC Board